The Growth Intensive is exclusive to only 3 people, Helping you take your personal brand to the next level within your property profession in order to accelerate & streamline your success.

You'll spend 2 full days with Benn Walford The #1 Property Personal Branding Coach, food & drinks paid for along with 3 months on going mastermind sessions.

Benn will be taking you from where you are now and providing you with all the vital tools that are necessary to jet set you to the next level, make radical transformations & become positioned as a leading authority within your property strategy.

You'll arrive with no personal brand and leave with dramatic growth & progress, you'll know exactly who you are as a brand, what makes you stand out from the crowded marketplace within the property sector, who your target investor, JV Partner or Mentees are, establish where they are and ultimately how to attract them to work with you..

Benn will also be taking you through his step by step process to master the art of public speaking so you can deliver your message with confidence and conviction in the form of digital content and live from stage allowing you to create a true impact when you speak.


2 days intensive training 


Day 1 - Learning exactly how to grow and scale a profitable personal brand and become the go-to leading expert in your property strategy.


Day 2 - Public speaking training (Digital & Physical)

Break through your comfort zone and learn exactly how to deliver the powerful message you have to share with confidence & conviction


4 hour monthly Mastermind in person session 


Mastermind video accountability call every other week


Mastermind strategy call every other week


Personal brand logo 

& Social content created


You’ll have a guaranteed speaking slot at the end of the 3 months  


Bottle of Champagne & helicopter ride will be provided to the person that is seen to of pushed themselves the most to grow into becoming the person they want to become.